Considering the city and its surroundings, Starwood adopts healthy and environmentally friendly production methods by making use of the latest technology available in the world, as well as one aqueous electrostatic filter and 4 electrostatic filters in its facilities. In addition, it mathematically proves that we have achieved our goals by making serious investments in on-line emission measurement systems that can be monitored instantly on the internet in their chimneys.
The aqueous electrostatic filter (WESP), which started its operations on June 30, 2010, is defined as the latest technology product produced in the world in this regard. It has an air cleaning capacity of approximately 420,000 m³/hour and the amount of particles in the cleaned air is below 15 mg/m³. When this figure is compared with the international legal limit value of 150 mg/m³, the result is air emission with a value 10 times below the standards.
While gas has been emitted from the chimneys of Starwood A.Ş. at international environmental standards since 2004, this investment has been made even though there is no obligation. It expects this investment of € 6.000.000, in which equity and commercial loans are used, to set an example and the same sensitivity from all organizations.
In our country, where it is obligatory to dispose of waste boards and similar materials, which is the main problem of the industry using boards, special services are offered especially to the furniture industry, and free of charge collection of wastes from the source is recovered in the facilities, providing a great convenience to furniture manufacturers and protecting them from their costs.
Carrying out similar studies on wooden packaging waste and non-hazardous wood waste, Starwood is the industry leader emphasizing the importance of recycling.
All these studies have been gathered and documented in ISO 14001 Environmental management system principles with the slogan of Infinite Respect for the Environment.