We Protect Ancestral Heirloom, World Heritage, Sultan Ahmet Together.

As Starwood, we experience the happiness and pride of undertaking another great task together with you.

One of the most distinguished works of our history, the world heritage Blue Mosque, 400 years after its construction, will be restored for our grandchildren under the sponsorship of Starwood.

At the ceremony where the signatures that started the Conservation and Restoration Works of the Blue Mosque were signed, Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, Foundations General Manager Adnan Ertem, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, Istanbul Foundations Regional Manager Mürsel Sarı, AK Party Bursa Deputy Hüseyin Şahin, AK Party Party Istanbul Deputy Ahmet Hamdi Çamlı, contractor companies appointed by the Ministry and finally Mehmet Yıldız on behalf of Starwood were present.

Within the scope of the restoration, which is planned to last about 4 years, the upper lead cover of the mosque will be removed and renewed. Façade cleaning will be done throughout the mosque, scraping, consolidation and improvement of stone and marble coatings inside and outside will be carried out, minarets will be restored, and tiles will be preserved. Existing pencils on wooden and plaster surfaces will be scraped, original pencils will be cleaned and restored. The original plasters will be strengthened in the portico courtyard. The interior floor coverings of the mosque will be repaired, and extensive conservation of the marble floors in the inner courtyard, columns and wooden kundekari within the mosque will be carried out. Within the scope of the restoration, where reinforcement works will also be carried out if deemed necessary, iron bars with classic sockets will be repaired, landscaping will be carried out in the outer courtyard and toilets will be renewed.

Hopefully, we will complete this beautiful task that has been given to Starwood with your prayers and we will pass this work on to future generations together.


With the awareness that furniture companies should produce products with design value for the development and progress of our industry, Starwood continues its support for design and designers with all its strength.
With the workshops and gala dinners held under the main sponsorship of Starwood, design students had the opportunity to meet with many national and international famous designers and trainers, and most importantly, to meet with the furniture industry.
Taking this design event as a duty, Starwood will continue to emphasize the importance of design for our industry by continuing its support for education in this field as well.


Donating blood has now become a ritual at Starwood.
With the blood donation organizations that have been carried out jointly with Bursa Red Crescent for ten years and organized twice a year, approximately 1500 units of blood donation and considerable organ and stem cell donations have been provided so far.
Bursa Kızılay honored Starwood personnel who donate blood and the company that supported it with a plaque.


Starwood Employees Solidarity and Culture Association was established in 2018 with the aim of respecting moral values, contributing to public services and reinforcing the solidarity of employees. Working with the belief of Starwood employees that civil society can make a difference in a wide range of fields from health to education, from human rights to sustainable development, from the environment to natural disasters, and working with the principles that keep the benefit of society at the highest level, the association mainly works in the fields of education, culture and sports.
The association, which organizes many activities from folk dances to music courses, from cultural trips to sports competitions, aims to bring the spirit of love, respect, brotherhood and teamwork among the employees to the fore by having a good time outside of work and doing social and sports activities.