Particle Board
Wood raw material is divided into small pieces in chipping machines, reduced to a certain humidity in the drying oven, after the sieving process, the glue, hardener and substances that provide its hydrophobic feature are mixed and pressed under temperature and pressure for a certain period of time, resulting in wood chips with large and large surfaces. based product. It is also referred to as Chipboard (Artificial Board) in the market.
Production Dimensions
Super Fine Gold Star
6mm 210x280
8mm 210x280
8mm 183x366
12mm 210x280
12mm 183x366
16mm 210x280
16mm 183x366
18mm 122x280
18mm 210x280
18mm 183x366
25mm 210x280
25mm 183x366
30mm 210x280
30mm 183x366
Moisture Resistant Particle Board
These are the boards called green chipboard in the market, which show higher resistance against water and moisture than standard boards. Special sizes are also produced according to customer demands.