Starwood aims to present its industry experience and knowledge to the benefit of the entire furniture industry and to create value together with Starwood Academy. While investing in the development and training of our employees since the first day of our establishment, it was aimed to gather all the work they did under the umbrella of an academy, and its infrastructure has been developed since 2010. After the completion of the corporate identity studies, Starwood Academy ceased to be just a factory as of 2015 and was offered to the entire İnegöl Furniture Industry.

In order to meet the technical consultancy and training needs of the sector, “Master of Work” internal trainers were trained within the academy. In line with the institutionalization needs of the sector, it aims to create value first for İnegöl and then for the furniture industry of our country, by bringing together the demanding companies with our solution partners.

As Human Resources and Starwood Academy; We are working to choose the right person for the right job, to give importance to corporate development with appropriate career goals, to spread the corporate culture to all company employees with the same care, and to prepare a working ground that fulfills all rules and responsibilities in terms of occupational safety and worker health, in the most suitable physical conditions of its employees
1. Orientation and Institutional Culture Creation Trainings

We train all our hired employees in order to quickly make them a member of our business family. We want to teach our corporate culture and see all our employees with us until their retirement with the aim of a long career in the Starwood business family.

2. Occupational Safety and Occupational Health Trainings

• ISG trainings
•Hygiene trainings
• KKD trainings
•First aid trainings
• Work accidents case studies and lesson-learning trainings
•Working at height trainings
•Fire drill trainings
•Healthy life trainings given by our doctor

3. On the Job Training

Our masterful employees teach all newcomers the intricacies of the job through on-the-job training. With this controlled and supervised process, we aim for our employees to learn the job as quickly as possible.

4. Professional Competence License with Mesyeb

We make licensing applications for all our employees who need vocational training licenses. We cover the license fees and exam day transportation. In addition, with our training files, we help them to prepare for the exam before the exams they will take.

5. Personal Development Trainings

•Training on creating corporate culture
•Effective communication training
•Relationship management training
•Time management training
•Dynamic mind training
•Starwood master of business training
•Starwood Anatolian star training
•Customer relations training
•Turning knowledge into product with Starwood

6. Professional Development Trainings

•SEW Drive training
•PLC training
•Forklift operator training training
•Solid fuel gain trainings
•Cutting tool training
•Sealing elements training
•Energy efficiency trainings