In our world where energy is one of the most important points, Starwood has been working hard for years to make efficient use of energy, to minimize the use of fossil fuels, to optimize the use of electricity, and every day there are better spots.
The use of natural gas has also been minimized in the facilities where the use of coal and similar fuels has been completely zeroed since 1997. By focusing mainly on bio fuels, environmental pollution has been minimized and it has made all its investments by pioneering the sector in order to make our country economically independent from foreign fuels. In addition to improving the product quality by peeling the bark of all the wood used in production, it obtained a large amount of bio fuel and minimized foreign dependency as a company.
Using some of the hot gases produced in some production systems as combustion air without sending them to the atmosphere, it cleans both harmful substances and recovers them as energy.
Energy efficiency studies have been carried out on world famous organizations to optimize the efficient use of electric energy and successful results have been obtained which are suitable for Starwood.
All these efforts have been collected and documented under ISO 50001 Energy Management System.