Quality Certificates

The basic philosophy of Starwood, which has been producing for 30 years, is quality is not a coincidence, that it always maintains the quality of continuity of quality, adopts production and sales policies which are indispensable qualities of reliability, aesthetics, service, durability and performance items and makes quality accessible to all consumers economically.

Starwood has always been leading the way to the forest industry and the board industry with stronger steps every day, always making the best, making innovations and providing services in the sector with the concept of providing innovations and services in the world.

The production of chipboard, MDF, melamined paper, painted plate and impregnated decorative paper are also provided in all stages of production by using laboratories equipped with high quality, latest technology devices. Starwood systematically achieves its goals and produces modern, quality and economical products that emphasize customer satisfaction. In this sense, the product quality documents and the quality management system work without sacrificing the ISO 9001 principles. It always accepts as a fundamental philosophy to be open to innovations without sacrificing quality, and to produce the perfect with continuous improvement, unlimited training possibilities at all points.

OHSAS 18001 fully implements the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which will make it easier for the employees to demonstrate healthier and safer work for their employees by taking the appropriate national and international standards, labor health and occupational safety measures in accordance with the legislation.

With the motto of endless respect to the environment, in the direction of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System principles, as in every corner of the company, one electrostatic filter and one electrostatic filter were placed in the facilities. Starwood adopts production methods that are healthy and never destroy the environment by taking advantage of the latest technology opportunities that are reached in the world. It also proves mathematically that it reaches its targets by investing heavily in on-line emission measurement systems, which can be monitored instantaneously on the internet..

The disposal of waste and similar materials, which is the main problem of the furniture producers, is an obligatory in Turkey. collecting waste materials from the source free of charge and recovering at the facilities, Starwood provides great convenience to the furniture producers and protects its customers from great expenses.

Similar studies have been carried out on wooden packaging waste and non-hazardous wood waste, and the company is the forerunner of the importance of recycling.

In our world where energy is one of the most important points, Starwood has been working hard for years to make efficient use of energy, to minimize the use of fossil fuels, to optimize the use of electricity, and every day there are better spots.

The use of natural gas has also been minimized in installations where the use of coal and similar fuels has been completely zero since 1997. By focusing on biofuels, environmental pollution has been minimized and the sector has pioneered and invested all of its investments in order to make our country independent from foreign fuels. In addition to improving the quality of the product by stripping the entire wood of the wood used in production, it has obtained a large amount of biofuel and has minimized the external dependency as a company.

Using some of the hot gases produced in some production systems as combustion air without sending them to the atmosphere, it cleans both harmful substances and recovers them as energy.

Energy efficiency studies have been carried out on world famous organizations to optimize the efficient use of electric energy and successful results have been obtained which are suitable for Starwood.

All these efforts have been collected and documented under ISO 50001 Energy Management System.

Today, as an indispensable means of working in the electronic environment, Starwood has finalized the necessary education, investment and documentation work and has documented a sound protection system for all electronic information by meeting the requirements of the ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Management System. This is particularly important in foreign trade and customs operations.

Being aware that efficient work can not be carried out without customer satisfaction, Starwood has always aimed to bring customer satisfaction to the top. As a result of these efforts, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System principles have been adopted by all employees. Starwood is the only company in the industry that has certified these studies.

Being aware of the fact that all employees work together with a team spirit, as well as integrating with the county, region and country spirit, Starwood provides serious support in every platform and feels the happiness of signing many social responsibility projects. All these activities are documented and carried out in accordance with Social Responsibility Standard SA 8000 requirements.

Being aware of the fact that sustainable forestry is the cornerstone of the industry, Starwood has made great efforts in this direction. It is one of the first companies in the industry to document the efforts and have the FSC document. Sustainable forestry and well-exploited raw materials derived from undamaged forests bring out products that will please the customers.

As a result of the studies carried out based on the free formaldehyde minimization principle, which started in North America and spread rapidly all over the world, thin millimeter MDF production was realized with E-0 values far below the existing E-1. are standard values and these values are documented by a CARB/EPA certificate.

All of our products are certified to be produced in accordance with the relevant TSE and European Union EN standards:

Particle Board TS EN 312

MDF TS EN 622-5

PB with Melamined Paper TS EN 14322