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Together we own the values of  one of the World heritage, Blue Mosque which is remembrence of our ancestors,.

As Starwood, we are living with the happiness and grandeur of undertaking another great mission.

One of the most beautiful works of art of our history, the world heritage Blue  Mosque will be renovated  400 years after its construction under the sponsorship of Starwood for our future

Mr. Veysi Kaynak - Vice Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey, Mr. Vasip Şahin-Governor of Istanbul,  Mr. Adnan Ertem-General Director of Foundations,  Mr. Mustafa Demir- Mayof of Fatih Municipality, Mr. Mursel Sarı- Istanbul Regional Director of Foundations, Mr. Hüseyin Şahin-Member of Parliament, Mr. Ahmet Hamdi Çamlı- Member of Parliament, contractors which were appointed by Ministry, Mr. Mehmet Yıldız on behalf of Starwood as have attended to start up ceremony on which all parties co-signed the protocole for conservation and renovation of Blue Mosque.

In the scope of the restoration planned to last for about 4 years, the top bullet cover of the glass will be removed and renewed. Facade cleaning will be done throughout the mosque, blasting and strengthening work will be carried out for the interior and exterior stone and marble coverings, the minarets will be restored and the tin will be conserved. The existing pens on the wood and plaster surfaces will be blasted and the original pens will be cleaned and reused. The original lounges will be strengthened with the precious stone. The mosque floor coverings will be repaired, as well as the extensive marble flooring of the inner hut, the columns, and the extensive conservation of the wooden mosques in the mosque. In case of necessity, restoration of the retrofitting works will also include repairing of classical locomotive iron bars, environmental restoration of the outer courtyard and renovation of toilets.

Hopefully we will complete this beautiful mission that is attributed to Starwood with your prays and we will share this work with future generations..