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Starwood, one of Yıldız Family companies engaged in forest products industry for 4 generations, is one of the biggest industrial companies in Turkey with its growing production capacity and new investments every year.  

The company has the highest production volüme capacity in one roof in Turkey, produces 2.000 m³ MDF per day on 2 lines and 3,000 m³ chipboard 3 lines, which is especially specialized in the production of thin MDF from 1.5 mm to 8 mm.

 Starwood has a total production capacity of 520.000 m² in 290.000 m² closed area in İnegöl plant  and has a production capacity of 30.000 sheets/day with 12 short cycle press lines ( dims 1830 mm and 2100 mm) ogether with Georgian plant.

With its 5 impregnation lines, While producing its own production needs and Starwood also supplies impregnated paper for customers on the domestic and export market. On the other hand Starwood produces his own glue for  paper impregnation, particle board and MDF production. 

With a 300.000 m²/day capacity paint line, Starwood is able to paint  the boards from 1,5 mm to 22 mm, with 30 different solid and print colours, In addition, all kinds of customer-specific paint can be painted. Also according to cusmer’s need Starwood is able to produce custom-made colours for his partners.

With its 50.000 m²/day capacity laminate flooring which facility in 2018, starwood also serves its customers in this product group.

With its enviroment-friendly structure and fresh air quality, Starwood has respiratory systems for pressurized gases in all production lines and electrostatic filter / dust separators for chipboard plants.

 All E1 grade Starwood products, which do not contain carcinogenic substances, are certified with national and international quality standards.